Did you ever wonder about the people who create the things you buy?
Did you know it takes the equivalent of two legendary Florentine football teams to produce a single collection?

First of all, you need a vision.

Our designer, Paolo Zengarini, dreamed up a range of pure, clean lines. No pointless flourishes or embellishments, but bold, original features that define the character of each shoe, including traditional brogues and Chelsea boots.

Then you need to bring this vision to life.

You source a wide range of leathers in a variety of textures – full grain, pebble grain, burnished, high quality supple suede, most of them metal free tanned – in a spectrum of colours, from neutral camel and dark brown.

But, above all, you need artisans and passionate hearts.

To deliver a pair of O’Keeffe shoes at your door, we count on women and men who cut, sew, fill, mill, polish, welt, package, register, ship, list…
The work of dozens of people is behind every single box, and attention lead to beautiful results.

Design is about more than what you can see

O’Keeffe rejects flashy appearances in favour of subtraction, seeking a simplicity that results in authentic originality. Our shoes aren’t just fashionable pieces of footwear, but durable companions, invaluable additions to any gentleman’s wardrobe.


What have we created in our (not so) secret laboratories?

During this extraordinary year, we’ve learned the true importance of every person who works with us. And yes, of course we like models, who bring our shoes to life for the public, but what could be more authentic than the faces of our employees?

This is why we decided to feature real O’Keeffe workers alongside professional models in our latest campaign, captured during a typical day.

The Fall Winter 2020-21 collection is here, ready for you, thanks to Alessand many other special people. Our people.