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Repairs - O'Keeffe Shoes


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Long Live the Shoe

After wearing your O’Keeffe shoes for a while, they’ll become so comfortable that you won’t ever want to be without them. So, what should you do if the soles or heels wear out, or some minor damage occurs?

That’s why we offer our care and repair service, Long Live the Shoe.

Send us your beloved O’Keeffes and our expert artisans will fix them, as good as new.

Here you can find the list of repairs we can offer. Costs are indicative, and may change depending on the work required:

How does it work?

Email our customer service team, including pictures of your shoes and any other details about the needed repairs. We’ll answer by confirming whether we can do the work, how much it will cost and how to ship us your shoes. Shipping costs and customs will be on us. Once your shoes are ready, we’ll fly them back to you.

    Repairs will take at least 5 days since the goods’ arrival. We’ll specify the expected turnaround times in our confirmation e-mail.