We would like to show our gratitude and recognition to the gentlemen who are wearing O’Keeffe shoes. Some of you we know, some we do not – but either way, we thank you for choosing us and we hope that you will wear your shoes with pride on some fabulous travels to far flung places…

And of course, please feel free to email us your photographs.

Mr Bardem
Mr Hudson Taylor
Mr Watson
Ms Harkishin
Mr Haydon
The Singing Intern
Mr Wysman
Ms Davies
Mr Smith
Mr Wang
Mr Ferdia Walsh-Peelo
Mr Fallon
Mr Teeling
Mr Quayle
Mr Allaire
Mr Lauder
Mr Teeling
Master Morris Lauder
Mr Morais
Mr Mayer
Mr Flint
Mr Johnston
Mr H Mallari
Mr Stewart
Mr Fornasetti
Mr Dal Zennaro
Mr Pask
Mr Delafon
Mr Rookwood
You know who you are gentlemen!
Mr Stewart
Mr Josh Peskowitz
Wedding Reservoir Dogs
Mr MacPherson
Mr Betts
Mr Wooster
Mr Sant
Mr Stefanov
Mr Stewart
Mr Wooster
Mr Ashurst Bentley
Mr Wooster
Mr Sullivan
Mr Belau
Mr Langbein
Mr Wooster
Mr Missing
Mr Clément
Mr Usmar Lauder & Dolly
Mr Buck
Mr Usmar Lauder
Mr Berardi
Mr Langbein aka Foffy (right)
Mr Stewart
Mr Howie
Mr Anselmo
Mr Missing