Care Advice

Thank you for choosing to buy O’Keeffe Artisan hand crafted footwear. O’Keeffe fuses Luxury Italian craftsmanship with Irish heritage.

General Care


We have chosen the best natural leathers and components to make your shoes and due to some of the handcrafted techniques, polishing and natural colourings you may find tiny differences in the leather patination of each shoe – please do not consider these to be imperfections – they add to the character and have been created by hand. The leathers have been chosen for quality and longevity so try your best to follow the care instructions for your chosen material.

If your shoes become wet, avoid overexposure to direct heat when drying, let them dry naturally.

Always try to use a shoe tree and please use the shoe horn provided. Also, give your shoes a rest, do not wear them more that two days in a row, they need to breathe – this is said for all shoes not just O’ 30%off aaaa at discount price.precise specs are known as the points with regards to high quality replica rolex day date rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens m128348rbr 0005 in store.

Attention! Waxed Commander Care


For your waxy commander boot, we suggest you use DUBBIN WAX which is made to maximise water repellency, offer protection from dirt and stains and keep your leather supple. It should only be used on your waxed commander boots, it is too heavy for normal leather or suede. Dubbin wax has been used since Medieval times to waterproof and condition leather. The wax does not give a shine, it is not a polish and your Waxed commander leather does not naturally have a shine.

1. Ensure your boots are clean dry mud, dust, etc.

2.  Apply a very small amount of dubbin to a cloth and rub evenly over the leather.

NB: If you have never used Dubbin, we would suggest that this first time, you just ‘patch test’ an area so that you get the feel of the product and how it drys on your boots. Choose an area that is not so visible.
Dubbin wax leaves a slight oiled film on the waxed commander leather so it must be applied with care and applied sparingly.

3. Leave for 45-60 minutes, check the patch test and if you feel happy with the finish and the amount you used, then carry on with the rest of the boot. Again, leave for 60 minutes before wearing, the dubbin need to have settled – over night is best.



We do not advise you to use a suede brush to clean your suede shoes. The wire brushes are quite harsh and can mark the high quality suede that we use. You can steam your shoes to add a little life but please take care not to scald yourself! Please note that some suedes can transfer colour onto light fabrics so do take care when wearing with light colour trousers or lounging on a cream sofa!

Artisan Hand Polished


Your new shoes have undergone many intricate processes to achieve their unique patina. The leather starts its process as a completely natural vegetable tanned leather. Our aim is to use as many leathers as possible that are vegetable tanned without chrome or chemicals.

To care for your shoes try to follow our instruction advice below:Try to set time aside to polish your shoes, it should be a relaxing time, a pleasure, not a chore! If you have shoe trees, polish with them inside the shoes. We suggest that, with a soft cotton cloth, you first gently dust any surface dirt off the shoes. Then using very small amounts of natural wax polish and a soft clean cloth make circular motions over the shoe to penetrate into the pores of the leather, to hydrate and nourish. Making sure not to be heavy handed with your polishing or the wax! Do not forget to polish the welt and the heel, they also need a feed. Finally, using a new cloth, polish and buff away any excess wax and leave to rest.

Aged & Washed


These shoes have been washed and distressed by hand. We do not recommend that you polish the leather as this will undo the distressing. They do not need any treatment. If your antiqued shoes become wet, do not panic, the distressed look will return when the shoes dry out naturally.

Patent Leather


Patent leather cleaner can be found at most shoe retailers, use a soft cloth to apply and buff lightly. When storing your Patent shoes, try to use a shoe tree or pack inside with tissue as Patent tends to crease.

DO’s & Don’t’s

Do keep your shoes in their dust-bags when storing them away.
Do not use ready made polish sponges on your hand polished shoes.
Over time, you will create your own patina by polishing the shoes so they become as individual as you are.
We can advise you which brand / colour if you contact us at


We recommend:
Please contact to find out shipping costs to to your country. Please note, we are only recommending a shoe repairer, we are not responsible for your repairs or lost shoes with, but we acknowledge them as excellent Goodyear welt repairers.