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Step out in Style

O’Keeffe shoes are designed for a life of style. Our mens’ footwear combines minimalism, both in design and materials, with a casual elegance that suits any occasion.

Each pair of O’Keeffe shoes is hand fabric into creative, functional shapes.

O’Keeffe confident personality is built over the same principles that architect Mies van der Rohe condensed in his famous saying: “Less is more”.

Born in 2010 within Novarese, an Italian company well-known for its partnership with luxury labels around the world, O’Keeffe is now a brand uncompromising quality.

And Walk the O’Keeffe Way

Our clothes and a love of fine craftsmanship.

All of our collections are designed to embody these traits, to create timeless essentials for the modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

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